Route and downloader issues

For the past several days I noticed that downloader deletes paths to certain folders. I set folders path again and it works few times, but then all paths got erased again. Never seen that before. I cannot select PMDG and vPilot paths anymore. They are just not there anymore. Also, the route in the SimBrief map shows as direct even though the route loaded corrected. Again, never seen that before the update. Also, what does ‘No FMS file’ red message mean? Detailed nav log enabled. Never seen that before. Thanks


Looking at your recent flights (and the one in your screenshots in particular), you do not have the Detailed Navlog option enabled. The detailed navlog option can be found here:

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I had it off then I turned it back to on. Calculated several flights, same direct routes. It is working now. I will keep an eye on it.
Also, why runway analysis keeps turning off even if I turned that option On and saved it? I always have
to turn runway analysis option back to on.
Thanks for help

Hi, runway analysis is only used on the JZA and JBU OFP layouts. When using any other layout, it will turn itself off.

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OK, thanks for clarification

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