RJNT missing all SID

client version beta.19
AIRAC 2013 rev.4 are missing all departures RJNT

Hi …
thanks for your report. I have checked RJNT and we have all terminal procedures included. Please close the sim, open our client, remove the AIRAC dataset and install it again. This should work, and you should also have all procedure. Possible that something was happened during your installation.

Here the RJNT SIDs (the first parts of the list):


Thanks for the advice, Richard.
After removing the add-on scenery and reinstalling the AIRAC dataset, the SIDs were displayed correctly. It seems that the add-on scenery was having a negative impact.
After that, I edited content.xml to change the order, and the SIDs were displayed correctly even with the add-on scenery installed.
I’m not sure if this is the correct way to handle this, but I’d like to report it.