Request to add airport charts of LGPA (Paros) and LGNX (Naxos) in Greece

Dear Navigraph Team,
I was looking for charts of LGPA (Paros) and LGNX (Naxos) in Greece, which are small island airports with short runways, and saw that there are no charts available on Navigraph. Operating there without charts is almost impossible and both airports are public airports. Both airports don’t provide any Sids/Stars, so you have to depart and approach from the airport via VFR. When you have a look at the website of Vatsim Hellenic and go to the services secition and airport briefing section you can get the charts of both airports. Would it be possible, that you could add them to your Navigraph system, as a VFR chart and an airport chart is very important for operating there? The cycles of those charts are from 2018 which don’t matter, as there are no Sids/Stars, just the airport chart and a VFR chart for both airports. I also put 3 into the attachment.

I would be happy, if you could add the charts of both airports.


AD2-LGNX-ADC.pdf (263.0 KB)
AD2-LGPA-ADC.pdf (328.3 KB)
AD2-LGPA-LGNX VFR.pdf (1.6 MB)