[Request] Allow download and drawing on Simbreif flightplans in Charts apps

I’ve been doing a bunch of IFR flying recently using Simbrief as my principal planner. Simbreif gives us a number of spots on the flightplans to allow for monitoring things as they happen in flight. Such as ATC clearance, Fuel burn and burn rate, Block times, Est vs Actual W/B, etc.

For these flights I always have Charts loaded on my Ipad with the flight copied from Simbrief, allowing charts to pull down the paper flight plan with the routing and allow me to edit it either via drawing atop and or overlaying text boxes would help it be more on par with IRL tools like Foreflight and bring much more realism to the sim.

Sorry if this isn’t the correct location but I didn’t see a specific Feature Request forum for Charts.



Thank you for the suggestion.
Annotations of Charts is an often requested feature and will will be implemented in varying degrees in the new Charts version, currently in closed beta testing.


Just to clarify, that includes annotation of Simbrief LIDO flight plans within the charts app?


I was referring to the new Charts, so added highlighting taxi paths/text potential on the charts. SimBrief flight plans are imported into Charts, and can be added to, waypoints deleted etc, but not annotated per se.


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Ahh, I was specifically referring to the ability to annotate the PDF Flightplan Simbreif makes for you within charts. The ability to draw on the actual departure plates will be useful, but not what I was suggesting.