Recommendation: Avoid Class B Anchors in Dispatch Alternates

I’m not sure if there’s a “scoring algorithm”, but it should generally consider the following avoiding Class B Anchors (e.g., JFK, EDDM, EGLL, LAX, etc.) by giving them a lesser weighting over other airports. I think this is how Dispatch software IRL works, and definitely know that this is logic implemented in a automated diversionary function on particular GA aircraft.

So…if there’s Albany and JFK in reasonable range and both are ideal weather, it should pick Albany over JFK. Albany will likely have enough capacity to allow for a diversion, while JFK would likely be at capacity and unable to accommodate an additional unplanned aircraft in the flow.

As an active 121 dispatcher, I’m going to disagree. The larger airport will, more than likely, be better equipped as far as having Cat2/3 approaches. Yes, if there are diversions going on, then in the case of JFK over ALB, both airports are going to be a s&&t show, but I will be using the airport that has the lower alternate mins.

if the WX is SKC, and I just need a paper alternate, I’m listing whichever is the closest legal alternate for which I am approved to my destination.

Huh, I don’t think I would have approached it that way; if I was trying to pick an alternate I think I’d gravitate towards airports that are easier to get into and out of if weather wasn’t a limiting factor (i.e., ceilings and bis reasonably high that alternate minima aren’t a factor). Not to mention landing fees and such…