Profile check SAS Airbus A321 Neo LR ( new aircraft)

I am trying to setup the Airbus 321 for long haul (Transatlantic) and SAS has just bin provided three of the above type.
The Åsa Viking SE-DMR is included in the MSFS version from LatinVFR and I do now try to select the correct arframe from Simbrief and the closest I come to is “A321-253NX” with Id: 192573_1661841702483

I wonder if this is correct?

Thanks in advance for any support


Hello, I think that profile will be very close to what you are looking for.

Great thanks!
I made a successfull first flight but unfortunately the glidescope function caused me to CTD so the ending was´nt that great. But the Simbrief part was perfect. Obviusely there is a patch now available which makes it possible to import via the “Request” function also in the A321 model.

Great glad to hear it!

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