Problème avec certains aéroports de France

hello, I wanted to send this message to Dereck chef Simbrief, my problem is that when I make my flight plan simbrief and I put oaci LFOT it does not give me a route even though it is an airport in France (city of TOURS ) so can you tell me why I don’t have a route to this airport like many others in France.
ex: Brest, Tours, La Rochelle etc…


Sometimes between certain rarely flown airports there are no routes in the database. Sometimes you can fix this be manually scrolling down, opening the route finder, and clicking “Find Route”. Another option is to open Navigraph Charts and use the route finder there as it is more reliable, or check other routing services such as GRD, edi-gla, or autorouter.

Work is ongoing to reduce or eliminate this issue.

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