Problem With Airac 2014 737-800X,700U,900U

Hello, I’ve been having an airac problem with the 737-800X 900U and 700U. I’ve read through the forums but I was pretty confused how people got it to work. I installed version 3_45_full on the Zibo 737-800X. My X-Plane version is 11.51. I just got a Navigraph subscription today and installed it, then I got the message “Corrupted Navdata”.


You need the Zibo 3.45.1 fix available from where you obtained 3.45 full.


I got it from the official google drive from the Zibo forum.

As I recall I installed the 3.45 full plus 3.45.1 and 3.45. 2-4.

Check the Zibo forum.

I have the 3.45 full installed, not 3.45.1. When I download 3.45.1 it doesn’t have the full plane so i’ll have to ask on another forum.

If you have 3.45 full installed, you should be able to install 3.45.1 on top of that ?

Thanks, I fixed it :+1:

Excellent, glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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