Printing Pinned Charts as One PDF

Is there a way, or could a way be added, to print all pinned charts to one PDF file? That pdf file could then be opened in one of the free or paid in game panels to allow charts in VR. It can still be done by printing them individually but it takes more work and I’m lazy! :wink:

I’m just thinking of like a “chart pack” for a particular flight. I could pin each chart I want included, then print them all to one pdf file.

And advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

That would be great, I want to print charts but doing them one at a time is taking way too much time. This is so inconvenient i’m surprised that this is not implemented yet as this is terrible UX. Bumping this thread again.

Since the original poster wrote 2 years ago, we are providing an in-game panel which is where he wanted charts.

Bulk printing charts in any way is currently not on our roadmap I’m afraid.



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