PMS50 GNS530 in MSFS 2020

Before my question, it has been a while since I have written to thank you again for this tool - thank you! I’m getting back into the C172 world and thinking of purchasing the WB-Sim 172SP Classic Enhancement that includes the PMS50 GNS530. I already checked out simBrief and saw that there is not an option to download a flightplan for the PMS50 GMS530 but was wondering if I will be able to update the MSFS AIRAC cycles into it when they are available? This may be a question revealing my ignorance, but I’m not shy to ask. Thank you again for making our flight time more enjoyable and successful.

Hi Brian,

As I understand the PMS50 GNS530 is a mod which adds to the MSFS GNS530 equipped aircraft. These use MSFS airac data, which we replace. So I expect your subscription would update these.

You could confirm with the standard MSFS C172?



Thank you for your guidance.


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