Place a waypoint at specific latitude & longitude?

In Charts, if you want to place a user waypoint at a specific latitude & longitude, you take a guess, plonk it down, then discover where you put it. Is there a way to know where it’s going to be BEFORE it’s nailed to the ground?

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You have two options:

  • Type the coordinates manually into the route
  • Move it using drag-and-drop, which is triggered by pressing & holding on the dropped waypoint

The first option should allow you to make exact placements!

Does answer the question?

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I know exactly the latitude & longitude of the waypoint I want to add. I will gladly type that. First though, I need to know where I should type it, and the exact format your app will recognize & accept as valid.
I’ve set up a flight as in screenshot A. I hit User WPTs & got screenshot B. The coordinates for the waypoint I want are: 57º 00’11.63” N 24º 56’54.55” E (these are in Google Earth format, except I’ve replaced the usual symbol with “d”).
To type in my waypoint: what should I do next? Please be very specific: where should I point, what buttons I should click on, where should I start typing my waypoint, what EXACTLY should I type? Please do not omit anything, no matter how trivial, simple, self-evident etc. it might seem to someone who knows all about the app.

Correction: in my previous post I stated that I had replaced the degree symbol with “d”. That was an error. When I entered it, it actually showed up in the post, but I omitted deleting the comment. Sorry about that.

After some trial & (mostly) error, I figured out how to do it on my own. Forget my previous requests.

Ah, sorry I did not realize that you were talking about a user waypoint.

The scenario I was describing is if you would like to add a waypoint with exact coordinates to your route. We support a variety of formats including distance/bearing from a navaid, but here is simple example:


If you enter this as your route, you will be able to add those waypoints as user waypoints from their pill in the top bar like this:


I hope that helps! If you would like a way to enter a custom waypoint directly from the “Custom waypoints” menu, please open a feature request topic in the wishlist section!

I hope that helps! Let me know if something is still unclear, and I’ll do my best to help!

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Obviously I’m still a raw beginner floundering around trying to find how to do stuff. I really appreciate your patience & your help.
About user waypoints: in the string you sent, I don’t know what everything means – later.
For now: I assume I should enter the string in a text box somewhere.
Assume I’ve hit Flights & have the new flight screen showing. What then? How do I get to where I should enter the string? Having entered it, what do I do then? Should I overtly store it somewhere & where / how? Should I then set up my flight as usual, then access the waypoint? How do I do that & then make it part of my flight?
Often when I’m planning a flight, I would first choose my from & to airports, then place waypoint(s). Can I do it in this sequence?
Thank you.
For background: I’m a private pilot with 2200 hours in a C172L. My home base is KHIO, northwest USA. I fly mostly to enjoy the spectacular scenery around here.

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The image icon at the top right of the flight plan box, opens the text version for text editing - cut, paste etc


I should have been more thorough from the start!

The next step is what @Ian sent just above!

I would suggest the following flow:

Plan your flight as usual. Select your airports, procedures, waypoints etc. like you normally do! When you want to add a custom waypoint with precise, known coordinates, press the pen icon as shown by Ian.

This will show you the raw text version of your currently planned route! It will start with the ICAO code of your origin airport, followed by the runway and/or departure procedure identifier. It could look something like this:


In the above raw route, we have selected:

  • KHIO as the origin airport
  • Runway 02 as the departure runway
  • SCAPO7 as departure

Then, we have planned on flying directly (DCT) to DISCO, from where we have planned the following:

  • DISCO4 arrival
  • RNAV Z RWY 09 approach
  • CYYJ as arrival airport

Editing the route manually

Now, in order to add a custom waypoint to this route, you need to make a manual edit to that raw text.
Say for example that we want to add the Seattle space needle! You would need to add the following to the text, in the location that you want it: 473714N1222058W

Once you have made that change, the full route could look something like the below:


This might be all you need. You have successfully added a custom coordinate-based waypoint to your route! If, however, you want to also give it a name (if it’s a landmark for example), keep reading!

Storing the waypoint with a custom name

What you can now do is right-click the pill in the route that contains your coordinates. This will allow you to create a new named user waypoint from those coordinates:


This menu can also be opened by hovering your mouse cursor over the pill and clicking the three dots that appear:


This should now open the following prompt, where you can enter your own name for the waypoint:


You can then also pick whether or not that waypoint should be available for any created flight, or if it should be unique to this one!

As the end result, you will have a specifically defined coordinate with a custom name. It will look something like this:


I hope that helps! Let me know if I can assist you further!

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