Pilot2ATC Error

I updated today the AIRAC to version 2202 with FMS Data manager. After this update Pilot2ATC does not open and gives this message:
“Unable ti initialize Database.
The underlying provider failed Open:
An attempt to attach an auto-named database for file
C:\Pilot2ATC_2020_x64\Data\P2ADynamicData.mdf failed. A database
with the same name exists, or specified file cannot be opened, or it is
located on UNC share.”
I am sure that the cause of this error is the update of the AIRAC because uninstalling P2A and reinstalling it with the initial settings (AIRAC 1801) it works, while if I redo the update to 2202 it returns error.

No issues with 2202 here running or loading flightplans with 2630_x64_PublicBeta2m.

Have you raised the issue with Pilot2ATC support ?

There is no support page on the Pilot 2 ATC site.
With the beta2 version I get a whole page of errors

please re-download and re-install the Pilot2ATC dataset again - I also can´t reproduce it. Here a screenshot of my P2A (latest official version with the current AIRAC 2202 installed:


PS: by the way Pilot2ATC Users Forum
… and

Thank you for pointing out the email address to report the inconvenience to Pilot2ATC. I never use to download beta versions so I hadn’t considered that page of the site.
I will turn to them for the solution of the problem.
Thanks anyway for the support you gave me

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