PDF APPX file can not be accessed

Saved Ftl Pln as PDF and now get “APPX file can not be accessed” and ADOBE will not open the file. Any thoughts?


I have never heard of this, but from my searches it seems to be a Windows issue (and not specifically related to SimBrief). Some users have seen this when copying programs from one Windows drive to another, for example.

I didn’t find any obvious solutions in my searches, other than to reinstall the affected programs. So maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling both the SimBrief Downloader and Adobe PDF viewer?

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I was just going to write you. I sent the PDF to the work directory for Aerosoft CRJ in the LocalState directory where the FMS data goes to keep them together for review. For some reason Adobe can’t load it from there. I went back into SimBrief and sent it to my Download directory and it opens just fine. Not sure why, but all is well. Thanks for looking and helping, i appreciate it.

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