File could not be saved - ERROR


Hi, can you give a bit more information please?

  • Can you save to other directories, is it just this one that causes a problem or do all of them?
  • Are you running on a networked PC and/or is this folder on another PC in the network?
  • Can you browse to that directory from this PC? Can you manually save a file in that directory, or do you get a permissions error if you try?

Can you also open a File Explorer window and browse to the following directory: %appdata%/SimBrief Downloader . Please send me the console.log file in that directory (or copy paste the contents if it’s easier) . You can also e-mail it if you prefer to:

Best regards,

Note for any other users who have this issue: It was solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the SimBrief Downloader program.

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