Pa-38 tomahawk simlink

Dear navigraph team!
yesterday I bought the just flight pa-38 tomahawk in the simulator and I would like to know if the navigraph simlink is available for it, because apparently the navigraph charts are available.
(important, I fly on xbox!)
thank you in advance!

According to the chart, Simlink (as Support for moving maps in Navigraph Charts app on external devices) is sadly not included in the JustFlight Piper Fleet.

However, “Jeppesen airport charts and diagrams in virtual cockpit” and “Navigraph enroute charts in virtual cockpit” are seemingly included, and those might include an aircraft icon displayed at your present position (only on charts that are geo-referenced, obviously)— but only inside the virtual cockpit rather than on an external device as well.

I don’t have the PA38 nor Xbox, but my guess is the charts will be displayed on the tablet here:

Given they’re probably not integrated into the avionics (unlike on a G1000/3000/5000) it’s also possible there will be no icon indicating your aircraft position at all.



dear Tim, thanks for the answer, but it shows the position of the machine on the chart :slight_smile: