Option to lock north up + lock vertical view

Allow for users to lock north up and give an option to disable rotation of the map (picture as reference as to what I mean, option to disable that)

On touchscreen devices, it is not hard to accidentally rotate the map, or go into 3d view, its even more annoying that the North button does not even work properly on mobile devices, it stutters, says its north but map is still rotated, requiring multiple presses.

Simply, option to lock map direction to north, and option to disable 3d view.

Hello Deniz! Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the late response!

I can reproduce some weird behavior with the compass button on iOS. I have added this to our backlog, and we will look into it!

As you probably already figured, this button is not meant to lock your orientation - it is only meant to make it possible to reset it. We will consider your two feature requests for a future iteration!

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I’d love an option to lock in 2d mode as well. I’m not overly bothered about rotation personally, but I do find myself tilting the map often.

An option to disable map tilt was added in the recent update 8.26. Please have a look:

We’re also considering an option to lock the map to north up (disabling rotation).




A wishlist topic now exists for the remaining part of this topic.

@OyuDe07 @ajclarke If you still want this, make sure to head over there and leave your vote!

We will consider this topic closed now.

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