Opening Navigraph in VR results in crash

Hi this is my first post in the forum First I have to express my appreciation for this amazing program. The way it integrates in VR is amazing. Consistently I am able to reproduce crashed when trying to load the window while in VR. It does not always happen but it is systemic and its kind of driving me nuts. Any ideas?



Not sure what you mean by systemic.

Check you have latest Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel by Remove/Install in Navigraph Navdata Center V 1.0.8


Sorry maybe it was the wrong word. What I mean is that I get a crash consistently when opening navigraph charts in VR especially towards the end of a flight. I suspect it may be a memory issue. As a work around I have been opening the charts when I start the flight and prepare as much as I can. In some flights if say I forgot to dial in the ILS frequency for the destination airport closer to TOD if try to open the PDF chart for the runway it crashes the sim. I’m not faulting the program I’m just wondering if this is a common issue people report. My computer is old and its hanging in there but needs an upgrade

And yes I have the latest data. I also forgot to mention that I had a demo of FSKneeboard which I uninstalled to see if the was part of the problem. I had read that in another post