NZ has bugged runway wind speeds


I’ve recently being doing a lot of flying around New Zealand, specifically from NZQN.

I’ve noticed that the wind speed always seems to be listed as 0kts:

Having investigated further, it seems to be that an airport in NZ either has 0Kt or nothing listed at all.

Take this example of NZWB:

Any advice would be great, thanks.

can anyone help me ?

Public weather data was withdrawn in New Zealand other than a select number of airports:

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, the team was in the middle of FSExpo preparations and your post slipped through unnoticed!

@srcooke is entirely correct about the reason. We have not been able to get ahold of this data despite several attempts to contact NZ authorities. Additionally, we do have a ticket in our issue tracker to remove these indicators if we do not have any data instead of, quite deceivingly, showing green “0kt” pills.

Thanks a lot for posting!

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No problem, thank your response! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing that; Tis a shame !

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