No Navdata or Charts for NSFX

Please add charts to NSFX, Would be grateful for a review of all Antarctic sector navdata. The charts exist online so I’d have expected to have them on Navigraph.

Jeppesen produce charts per commercial customer request as posted in the FAQ

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I think the fact the Navdata exists and the charts to do not a little odd considering the product being sold?

No, the reference to the FAQ from @srcooke is absolutely correct and explain it (therefore the Solution flag). Its also valid for this airport.


I’m confused, if Navigraph derive data from Jeppesen, how is it that the navdata exists, but no charts to go with it?

Hi Daniel,


The Navdata and Charts databases are from separate sources in Jeppesen.
Most times these have same data, but it is possible they might differ slightly based on demand from their real world customers.


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