No access from simbrief downloader to my saved flightplans

Hi to All. I made flightplans in simbrief. I saved it en I can find them back again. So simbrief is working.
When I want to read a flightplan in the simbrief downloader, it says that I dont have flightsplans saved.
In both programs I am logged in.

How can I download my plans in Charts or Downloader Pleazzze to use them for flights?


You are probably logged in to a different account on SimBrief versus the Downloader.

Try logging out and back in to the SimBrief Downloader:


Best regards,

Hi Derk,
I hoped you were right but unfortunetly I think its something else. I send you 3 pictures I made AFTER I logged in in the systems with the same logginnames. Copy paste from one to the other.

I must do something wrong but for a long time I çan’t put my finger on it. Wil you please so kind to help me?