New to NG and SimBrief, need help

Hi All,
Totally new to NG and a bit lost.
A couple of questions but first a quick intro. I am 72 years old and have been using Flight Simulators for many years.
I have a nice little home Cockpit set up, including the old Saitech instruments and Yoke Etc, and I have just purchaced the Thrustmaster Airbus quadrants. A few month’s ago I purchaced the FS2020 Premium Deluxe. (Disk version). Now my questions :-

  1. Can I directly transfer my NG route/charts into SimBrief ?
  2. I also have Flight Crew A320 MSFS installed, so I tend to start all flights ‘Cold and Dark’ at a gate.
    Is there a way to accomplish this using NG route panner/charts. I have tried downloading the route
    and adding the gate but it changes the whole or part of the flight plan.

Any tips/links appreciated :grinning:

Forgive me if I have put this post in the wrong place :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Yours is a good age. We can learn much from you. :wink:

I believe the points you raise are covered in Confusion with Simbrief


Hi Ian
Thanks for your prompt reply and links.
A very steep learning curve, but with the covid lockdown theres not much else to do. :grinning:
Merry :mrs_claus: Christmas