NavigraphSimlinkSetting.exe -erreursysteme : miss VCRUNTIME 140_1.dll

I cannot install NavigraphSimlink on XPlane 11.55 for the reason indicated on the following banner:
“Unable to execute code as VCRUNTIME140_1.dll cannot be found. Reinstalling the program may fix this issue.”
Which is not the case!!

What should I do?
Thank you.

same for me !!

Did you found a solution

I don’t know if the original user resolved their issue since there was no follow up.

That error is usually because of a problem with the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries on your computer. Verify you have the C++ Redistributable installed, or try re-installing if it’s already there. I’m guessing you need version 2015-2022 x64, but the Navigraph developers could verify what version is required for Simlink.