Navigraph v8 won't open on second monitor

I use Navigraph on a second monitor and since v8 it’s not possible to make it open on my preferred monitor. It always opens on main monitor. The usual tricks (Fullscreen close etc. on the preferred monitor) do not work.

This happens here with me as well. The app will not remember the last position it was closed from. I also use the PowerToys FancyZones plugin to help “force” apps to always open in the same place with my multi-monitor setup, and v8 is no longer working with that either.

Hello guys! We’re aware of the issue and we are actively working on a fix!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Please see Version 8.14.0 - #2 by stephen, the latest version should now remember the display setting.



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Yes it works now, great! Many thanks :+1:

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Thanks a ton for the quick fix. Works a treat now. Much appreciated!

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