Navigraph Tutorials

I am new to Navigraph and trying to figure it all out. It seems mostly geared for IFR and airliners but I see Navigraph is moving toward accommodating VFR pilots. I would like to see tutorial videos of pilots setting up and flying GA aircraft using various instruments like the 430 and 530 and FMS in X-Plane with a discussion of the capabilities and limitations of each. The same could be done for MSFS and P3D. It would be a great IFR primer class for your subscribers. Navigraph has a great platform to teach VFR and IFR and minimize the suffering from the steep learning curve. Do you have a CFII that could do a video flight school with all the steps involved for various aircraft and instruments for flights using Navigraph? It would be great!



Thank you for the valuable suggestions which we shall consider.

We have videos at Navigraph Videos - Navigraph. Yes these are more IFR orientated, but are useful.

There are also videos at Navigraph - Videos

A Google search on “navigraph vfr videos and tutorials”, yields numerous useful links.

In our forum here are useful threads such as Where is the HELP and HOW to USE Navigraph? .

If you have specific queries you can post them here in the forum. We have many experienced pilots and users who provide valuable help to users.