Navigraph Navdata Center won't launch

I am running Navdata Center on Windows. When I attempt to launch it I receive the following error:

This started happening after I attempted to install FMS data for Little Navmap and P2ATC. I’m not sure how to resolve it or what I did wrong. I downloaded each data file, pointed it to the Little Navmap and P2ATC directories respectively and tried to open Navdata Center.

Can anyone help?



Please use Windows to uninstall Navigraph Navdata Center. Then download and installed latest Release notes - Navigraph Navdata Client beta into default locations.


Greetings! Thank you for the reply!

I did that and the NavData Centern opens once again. Thank you!

A related question: After I install the addons for P2ATC and LittleNavmap, should they appear in the packages section of the Navdata Center? If they are supposed to appear, but do not, what might I try to resolve that?

Thank you for your help!

Edit: Also, if they are not supposed to appear, is there anything else I would need to do after installing them to make sure they were working in Little Navmap and P2ATC?

You are welcome. Glad it is working.

Navigraph Data Center is currently for MSFS and MSFS Addons.

Pilot2ATC and Little NavMap are updated in FMS Data Manager

In time we shall migrate all Navdata updates to Navigragh Navdata Center.


Thank you once more! I appreciate your help!

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