Navigraph Hub often freezes when updating data

For quite a long time now, I have to play a kind of whack a mole when updating navdata in the Navigraph Hub. Each time, the app will freeze when updating navdata for at least one, but usually multiple, addons.

It doesn’t always show as not responding in the task manager, but the window is completely frozen, the button animation may snag, and nothing happens. I’ve tried leaving it running for 5-10 minutes and very, very rarely it will recover and finish but usually it doesn’t.

I have tried a fresh re-installation of the program several times.

In the below screenshot, the app froze completely when I clicked to update the TFDi MD-11 and I had to force close it in task manager.

please wait longer … specially for the TFDi MD-11 data because the package contains over 95.000 files, which needs time to unzip and time to install in the correct folder. Depending on your system, if anti-virus check the files, … it takes a while but it works. You must be patience please …

We are working on a new version of the hub which should make the process visible in the future. But for now, please wait - specially for the TFDi - this addon takes really, really long to update the data due the amount of files.

Thank you,

How long should it take? I let it run for 30 minutes earlier after the TFDi devs recommended the same and it never completed.

Would it help if I went to find wherever the old data is stored and delete that?

No, that would not help … It takes very, very long - depending on harddrive, virus check, … as I have written. The amount of file in the TFDi is too high - it takes nearly 25 min to create the zip file on my system (and I have a high end machine here).

So, I can’t recommend more, excluding wait till its finished. It will be finished but I can’t say how long it takes on your system. Sorry.


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