Navigraph does not show the position of the aircraft in the Avitab


Preliminary remark: Have Windows10 and everything on the same computer.

My request:
Navigraph shows me the position of the aircraft neither in the Avitab (have the latest version) plugin nor in the Avitab of the Toliss A321-Neo. Have already tried various things, but without success. But what amazes me: My Navigraph app is connected to the X-Plane 11 and also shows me the aircraft position. Why does the aircraft position not appear in the Avitab? When I click the Navigraph connection symbol in Avitab there is no reaction.This even though I have activated my Navigraph account in Avitab.

What could be the reason for this?

Thanks for the help

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Hello Jean-Claude! Welcome to the forum.

The Navigraph Charts application uses Simlink to determine your location, while Avitab receives its location updates directly from the simulator. That is why you are seeing two different behaviors.

If you don’t see any location updates in Avitab, you should post in the dedicated Avitab subforum on

I hope this helps to clear up the issue. If not, please advise!

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Thank you, Malte, for the quick feedback and clarification.

Now it is also clear to me why Avitab “deviates” from the Navigraph app.
Will now look for a solution to the problem in the “region” Avitab.



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