Navigraph Charts Install Fail (Windows10)

Havent had charts on my desktop for years now. When is this ever going to get fixed or what is the fix?

Install error message: “Installation Aborted, Set up was not completed successfully.” Ive been paying for this subscription for years and have lost all patience to be honest. Very poor form by Navigraph.


Apologies for delay.

We suspect a registry issue. Can you please takes steps exactly as in FAQ - Charts desktop installer fails immediately

Please let us know how you get on.


Since there is no longer a Navigraph Charts Desktop app available anywhere on the Navigraph website to download anymore, believe me , I’ve looked long and hard for it, this topic is hardly solvable by messing in the Registry. I can’t even find the download.
Trying your pinned solution fails as Navigraph charts is no longer in the app and features section.

What he said : although I had them until yesterday.

I have replied to your other post. Locking this. Navigraph Charts Desktop has disappeared