Navdata only: how?

I’ve read a few topics about how to get a navdata only subscription but it doesn’t work as they said. You should go to your account and there you’d see the option to get a navdata only subscription. I can’t see that option anywhere though. The only option I get is Ultimate. It’s a bit odd to offer an Ultimate subscription if there isn’t a not-ultimate one, right…? :wink: I use MSFS and have no need for charts, only for the navdata!


Can you not see the link shown in this post? Navdata only subscription? - #2 by NAVData

It should be shown on the Account Dashboard.



Well, you can’t see it if you have an active subscription… That’s confusing for those that are using ultimate and want to switch to navdata only. You also can’t see it without an account. But I find it specially odd that the option is hidden for current customers. Imho there is a difference between not advertising it and trying to hide it from customers as much as possible.

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