NAT HLA Waypoints

Dear Derek,

our virtual Airline is expieriencing some issues with Simbrief based on a northerly NAT HLA crossing on random routings.
Especially northern routings like FRA-LAS require in general waypoints each 10° West / East and Simbrief is not creating them accordingly.

Do you see any error here or any idea how to resolve the situation?

Best Regards,

Hi Alex,

Not sure, it depends on the city-pair I would say. SimBrief isn’t always very good at finding routes between rarely flown airports.

For FRA-LAS, this is what I see just now when I checked it. A few southerly routes along the NATs, and also some northernly random routes, which seem to have the required waypoints I think?

No doubt there might be other city pairs with worse routes. For now the only thing I can suggest is when you see one, feel free to correct the route and re-generate the flight on SimBrief. That way the route will be added to the database for future suggestions.

Unless I’ve misunderstood your question? If so let me know.


Hey Derek,

thank you for your reply. We’ve had some of them in vAMSYS reported, but it seems that might have been FRA-LAX / FRA-SFO and Co. I need to dig this up!