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Hello. I have had Navigraph and MSFS for a while now, but I’m starting to get more into real world flights and I would really like to use the moving map feature on the Navigraph to see exactly where I am. The problem is, is that I’m using the Xbox for MSFS. I’ve been trying to do some research and what I’ve found isn’t helpful. I don’t need Navigraph in the simulator itself. I have my laptop next to me with the charts so I can see it there. But the feature I want with SimLink is seemingly only with Windows. I have also found that I can have moving maps on Xbox, but it can only be used with the Honda Jet and the Vision Jet. But I’m not flying those. I’m wondering how I can add it to the A320neo. I also have the PMDG 737, but it doesn’t work on Xbox, at least for me (but that’s another topic). Can anyone help me out? Or am I stuck with what I have now on the Xbox?



There is Moving Map support in some Xbox applications - FlightFX’s HJet and Vision Jet. It is up to developers of Xbox aircraft to implement Moving Map in their aircraft.

Please see Native Xbox Series X MSFS moving maps support?


Okay. So there isn’t any way to just link my account with MSFS and Navigraph to receive the tracking feature? It has to be specific aircraft that can do that? Like, I can’t load in any random flight with any random aircraft and let Navigraph track it?

No, not at the moment, unfortunately. We’d love for that to be possible, but we are not allowed by Microsoft/ASOBO to publish our products to XBox because of our subscription model.

So for now, the only way to get moving maps on XBox is to use an addon that includes our plugin. We’ll be monitoring the situation, and if an opportunity comes to make this work for a broader range of aircraft - we’ll surely investigate it!

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That’s okay! I understand it’s kind of out of your hands. Thanks Ian and Malte for your support. Maybe we’ll get it in MSFS2024!

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