Missing SID/STAR AIRAC 2013 for USCM / MQF

Hello Dear Navigraph Team,

It seems that 2013 cycle update for USCM / MQF are missing …

Could you please investigate this issue…

Many thanks


Hi Daniel,
I have checked your report but I can´t reproduce it. I have all SIDs/STARs and IAPs at USCM.
Here a list of a few SIDs:

Here a list of a few STARs:

And last but not least the approaches:

Have you checked, that you have really AIRAC 2013 installed?
You can look into your Profile -> Content Manager - should look like (when you look for Navigraph):


Good evening Richard,
That’s correct , However you have old version FM 19MAY17
According to new russian AIP publication All Procedures are changed from yesteday (effetive from 03DEC20)

RWY 18 SID ULTEG 2G no more availble …

Please refer russian AIP

I checked LIdo … They are updated

Hi Daniel,
possible - but we don´t know, when these procedures were effective changed. There are two important dates before a cycle will be released.

The first on is the RAD Cut-Off date, which is 56 days before the cycle will be effective (which was 08 October 2020 for 2013) and the second one (more important) the RAD Publication which is 34 days before the cycle will be effective (which was the 30 OCT 2020 for 2013).

When the changes were reported later to our data provider, they are not included in the cycle period. So, I#m sure this is the case here and we will see in the next cycle. When you look on the Lido charts, the change date was 26 November, possible that they had added it later.


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Hi Richard,

Waiting for update…

Thanks for your help!


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Daniel, I let open this posting that I can check it as soon as we have the new source file for 2014 :wink:
Let you know, when I have any news …
Thanks and have a nice evening