Missing ILS-Z RWY 15 at SBGL

Hey! I’d like to request the ILS-Z for RWY15 at SBGL airport. Pilots use it more than the ILS-R. We have R for RWY15, but we don’t have ILS-Z on FMS Data! Thank you!

@NAVData I wanted to open a new topic, I think I could use this instead opening a new one…
So, the request was made over a year ago and it didn’t catch no attention… Will ILS-Z RWY15 SBGL be incorporated to the FMS Data?

sorry for the very late answer - I have overseen to answer it - big sorry.

The reason why this approach isn´t included is because it can´t be coded. When you look on the charts, you see that the missed approach starts prior the runway-threshold. Normally, such procedures will be coded as LOC only approaches, when this approach can be used as LOC approach too.

In this special case, it´s ONLY and ILS approach, so no “ILS or LOC” approach. An ILS approach needs the LOC and GS-part but when the missed approach starts prior the runway threshold, Jeppesen doesn´t code this in their standard database. Possible that some airline tailored data are existing, but we haven´t access to all of them.

Here the difference between the “ILS-Z” and “ILS or LOC R” approach

ILS-Z only:


Therefore, no ILS-Z 15 approach available, sorry for that

Thanks for your answer… it’s all clear now!

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