Missing charts for RJTT

There are no approach charts for runway 04 or 05 in RJTT airport. But the two runways are shown in the taxichart. The two runways were also not available in the fmc of my aircraft.

First, it would be very, very helpful for such reports when you tell us at least which sim and which addon you are using.

But anyway, in general … I confirm, that there are no approach charts for these two runways but according the existing charts 04 and 05 are not usable for landings. Do you have an official link for such charts (like from the AIP Japan), that we can report this to our data provider because I haven’t found anything …

Thank you

Ah yes thank you it was Microsoft flight simulator 2020.
RJTT Tokyo International Airport, flightsim.to
Flybywire a320nx

I was using the navigraph app on my Ipad. It was here the charts were maybe “missing”. I could also be wrong. For eksempel maybe the two runways are not in service in real life or something.

Anyway I just wanted to inform you in case something was missing.
Thank you for looking into my case.

Japan’s AIP indicates landings are not permitted on RWY05.

There are no published instrument approaches directly to 04, however circle to land looks available.