Military/Restricted Airspace No Longer Selectable or Searchable

The ability to directly select these type of regions (Military/Restricted Airspaces) by clicking on the area on the map has been removed - for example Danger Areas in the UK, D323/D701 etc. Right-clicking does bring up a list of features but then you have to find it and select it. They used to be selectable (in the same way as Civil Airspace is shown) and would show altitude restrictions, name etc - now they are magenta lines.

The most problematic issue however is how these military areas are named ie D008C. This area for example is shown as “PLYMOUTH” under “Ident”. D008C is not coded anywhere other than text on the map.

NOTAMS for these type of areas areas are always defined in ICAO format ie EGD008C. D008C is part of the Plymouth Danger Area complex but even searching manually for Plymouth or D008C does not return any results so there is no way of finding these areas unless you zoom in and manually scroll.

It appears that the “coding” of these areas is incorrect and they are not inluded in Search functionality. Any chance of this being fixed please Navigraph?

PS. this was posted by another user in Cloud but applies to Desktop (and possibly all other interfaces) so posting here to raise it for attention. Thanks.


These items are in our backlog and will be added to the app.

Kind regards,


Ok thanks for the quick update. If this can be added to the web browser as well as the Charts PC app that would be great ::slight_smile: