LPBJ BEJA AB (Portugal) Airport not selectable in MSFS - Asynchronous Airportdata

In Navigraph I can select LPBJ with all their dep/app routes and charts, but in MSFS2020 this airport is not selectable, even though I can find it on the map.

In case this is desired by Microsoft, then this Airport should not be selectable in Navigraph.

Why? The charts app is independent to any simulator or addon. There are a few airports which are possible included/excluded in the app or in the data (a typical example is VHHX or EDDT, which are available in the data but not in the charts because its tailored).

And the same can happen vice versa but to make it more clear, we use the same source for all our products.

Hope that help

Makes sense. I was not sure if that was intended that some airports in Navigraph are not available in MSFS2020. Usually I create my flightplans in Navichart first, but knowing that this situation can happen, I first need to check whether an Airport is available in MSFS2020 before I can create my flightplan. As an Idea, if it can be implemented easily, it might be convenient to get a hint in navigraph, whether the given airport is available in MSFS2020 or a different simulator.

just an update - with the upcoming AIRAC 2206 (JUN/16), LPBJ is included and can also be selected:

Happy flying and thank you for your report …

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