Llbg ils rny 12

Hi, doing tests on landings on runway 12 in Ben Gurion LLBG and CURSE is entered according to CHART 116. After the Boeing 737-800 is calibrated on the localizer and glide slope, the CURSE changes to 117. Which is not correct according to CHART . I would appreciate help updating the information in the data

no idea which sim or addon you use therefore a more or less general answer. We have 116° as final course in our database and not 117°. Therefore, it must be an other issue on your system, sorry.


In addition to Richard’s answer, and irrespective of the simulator scenery used, I don’t think a 1° difference can be considered as significant and may affect ILS approach. It is a very common observation on our simulators, considering sim/FMC magnetic variation data may, more or less, differ from published ILS magvar ILS calibration. Here, BG localizer (Rwy 12) magvar is 5°E and precise ILS magnetic course is 116.50°. AIP and Jeppesen rounded it as 116° but a 117° reading cannot be considered as an abnormal observation and I really do not believe it could be noticeable, including on real life approaches.



Thank you very much for the answer.
I use the FSX simulator. in Updated Scenery
PMDG 737

Where do I see all the data you entered?

You can calculate it by yourself.

Calculate the true runway heading and add/sub the magnetic variantion - result is the exact magnetic heading.


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