LFPO / ILS R24 via MOLBA from MOU9W star


When planning a flight in the A320Neo (flybywire mod), I encountered an issue.
So I have selected LFMT as departure, SID MEN6N and LFPO as destination, STAR MOU9W, Appr ILS RWY 24 (MOLBA).
In Navigraph, everything is ok and waypoint are the following (from STAR, SID is ok)
There are some constraints (OKRIX max FL180, EBOMA max FL120, MOLBA exact FL100 and then CI24 at 3000ft)

But when entering the data in the FMS of A320Neo, there is a new waypoint (USR) between PO610 and CI24 which is about 12nm from CI12 and has the alt contraints of MOLBA (10000ft)…
Going down from 10000ft to 3000ft in 12 miles is… quite hard…

I don’t know where the USR waypoint come from (GPS from MSFS which adds it or navigraph ??)

Also, in the A320Neo, one of the waypoint (EBOMA if I remember), have an alt constraint of 0… shouldn’t it keep the last known constraint ?

Speed constraints are also not respected (MOLBA don’t have speed constraint on the chart, so for the A320Neo, instead of keeping the last known constraint, go back to full speed…)

I’m far from an expert so I may be doing things wrong.
The speed can easily handled by going to selected speed mode and setting it to whatever you need but the alt constraint on USR waypoint is a killer for me.


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sorry to say, but that´s a sim issue - the sim re-calculate the routes again and truncate existing waypoints and/or add pseudo waypoints (USR). The result is in most cases a ugly routing. Such waypoints and sequences are not in our database, it´s the result of the sim internal flight management and happens in all aircraft’s, which uses this internal flight management.

A good example is either the freeware WorkingTitle CJ4 mod, which don´t use these ugly in-game flight management (they have developed their own and this works nearly perfect) or the payware addon from Aerosoft CRJ. The AS CRJ uses not the in-game data, they have their own data which we also support.

Sorry, but in this case, we can´t do anything - it´s an ASOBO task, we have no influence on it. We can only offer the data, the logic how the data will be handled must come from the dev´s of the sim or the specific addons.


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Ok thank you for your answer.

The walk-around I found was only to enter the approach and not the runway. It will solve the problem in most cases. It does the same when you want to land in EKCH :grin:

They haven’t done anything about that yet?

I guess not, but it’s better to ask this ASOBO in their forum. We are only provider for the additional data updates but not for the logic behind. Sorry.


Thank you for your reply.

I will try to ask in their forum.

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