Let L-410 Turbolet Simbrief Profile | Available

Dear Community,

As the Let L-410 Turbolet was still missing in Simbrief until now and some people wanted to have a Simbrief profile for it, I decided to make one myself.


  1. The profile is based on the Pilatus PC-12
  2. I adapted the weights to match real world performance values of the Let L-410 Turbolet
  3. I changed the engine type to the real one (M601E)
  4. I edited the Cruising Altitude and the Fuel Factor (Fuel Burn) to match the real plane
  5. I changed the Weight Category to M (Medium)

Source: https://www.airlines-inform.com/commercial-aircraft/l-410.html

Here is the link to it: SimBrief - Dispatch

Note: I didn’t adapt this aircraft profile to a specific AddOn, I just took the values from the references I had available at this time.

@SimBrief May you please add it to the Simbrief database?


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Hi, thanks, I have added this to the database.

Best regards,

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