Just flight BAe146 EFB chart log on problems

I have no problem loading charts up via the APP or the MSFS Toolbar Beta system and it always remembers my log in.
However the Just Flight BAE146 EFB chart section frequently asks me to log in, and often than after applying the code supplied it tells me that this has expired. I have just tried four times to log on and the Navigraph system has a message saying that the BAE146 is linked with the account, but the EFB has shown a message that the ‘TOKEN HAS EXIRED’.
This is very frustrating.

An additional minor difficulty, that may be a Just Flight problem, is that the font used to show the code is not suitable and the text size too small, It is almost impossible to differentiate between S and 5 and B and 8 for example.


At Navigraph Devices List, try Sign out of Justflight BAE 146.


Hi Ian,

Thank you for your response. That fixed the immediate problem, but I still have to sign in to Navigraph on average once a week to link the Bae146 EFB. Surely as the Just Flight 146 EFB links to Simbrief with my user name in order to download the flight plan, why cannot that be used to check my Navigraph chart status and therefore do away with this additional complex sign in system. It would seem to be the easier and obvious method…