Bae 146 electronic flight bag issues

I have no problems using Navigraph in MSFS via the toolbar. however since the latest MSFS update 10 I have been having issues with linking the charts to the EFB of the Just Flight BAE 146. Some days it works perfectly without authentication, but on other days I have to constantly load up a web browser and try to authenticate with the code provided. The webpage says my account has been linked to the 146, the chart tries to load in the EFB but then I receive an error message either “token expired” or “code already authenticated”. I do use a VPN, but this does not seem to cause any other Navigraph issues.

I have two issues.

  1. Obviously something is not working correctly with the BAE 146, as I can instantly retrieve Navigraph information from the toolbar app. Although sometime the latest flight plan is not loaded correctly. Could this offer a clue to the EFB problem.

  2. It is inconvenient to have to leave the sim and open a webpage in order to enter a code number. Would it not be better for the EFB to allow entry of the Navigraph password directly in order to validate the log in. It also seems strange that the Navigraph in game APP can remember your details but the EFB cannot. Perhaps they could be linked in some way.