Issue with September update

Good morning,
I want to report that as soon as I updated to Little Nav Map with Navigraph the Little Nav Map (LNM) program crashed. Whenever I do this September update Little Nav Map crashes.
I reinstalled LNM I redid the update and it still crashed.

Are there any problems with this update?

no - no problems here and also no issues reported here in the forum.

Which version of LNM do you exactly use?


2.4.4 WIndows 7: The August update went fine, but the September update stuck LNM for me. Whenever I want to update it crashes.

Can you confirm, that you are using 2.4.4 of LittleNav Map?

When yes, please update LNM to the current version 2.6.16 first …

Thank you,

OK… I must do the up

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