Is it possible to add a notification in the client when there is a new AIRAC revision available?

Hello team,

Is there a possibility to add notification when there is a new AIRAC revision available in the client? Currently I have to look every now and then in fourms to learn if there is a new version available, the same goes for the client update as well :slight_smile:

Also I have another question, when do you think Navigraph for MSFS will graduate from beta ? I have been using it since early beta days and now I am impressed that is CTD free comparing to early days and hence my question:).

Thank you


Hi Omar,
both are good question - thanks for that :slight_smile:

Yes, for both (data and client) … this client will be the future for us. The reason why this is still not implemented is, that we are working very hard on our backend-system, which is necessary for all of these features plus the upcoming new products. That is currently also the reason, why you don´t see any large product updates at the moment (excluding the current MSFS dataset) because the guys are working more in the background, not really visible for the public but necessary for our services and again our new upcoming products.
So please be patience with this, we do our best but we are also “only” humans and no robots :slight_smile:

To your second question:

We have discuss this also internally in the last 2-3 weeks and I´m honest, we still hadn´t a final answer for this. I (and you confirm it now) know, that the current dataset is stable and we also see no really issues (excluding some limitations in the sim), but the dataset is still “incomplete” :slight_smile: … The airspaces are missing, which are ready since a few days and we are currently testing all of these different new items. Due the internal ATC, this needs more attention as normal so, this needs more time …

I expect the release of the final parts of the sim in the next 1-2 weeks, when nothing happens behind … when this is done, and we see also a stable version, than I guess, we will switch to an official product (also depending on the client, which as I have wrote, is also not really ready - but possible we remove the “beta” for the data only, we will see - we will still discuss this) :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long answer Omar, but I guess, it´s fair enough to be transparent to you, to our customer. And when something is not ready for us, we will stay with the beta - it´s more comfortable for us :innocent:



Thank you Richard for the detailed answer!

Looking forward to the improvements and I am sure you guys will rock it as usual :wink:


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