Incorrect Cycle Info for Vatsys Navdata on AIRAC 2207


So, on the last airac update 2207R1 for the Vatsys Software, the cycle info is erronously described as 2106. You can even check that you updated because cycle.json is correct, it’s only cycle_info.txt which is wrong.




AIRAC cycle : 2106
Version : 1
Valid (from/to): 17/JUN/2021 - 15/JUL/2021

Hopefully you can rectify this since this cause issues with the software.


Thanks for the info … The cycle-info file should not be used by any addon. This file is only for us for support reports. I don’t know what vatsys do with this file but it should use the json file because this file is the “future”.

The cycle-info file will be obsolete in the near future, therefore it shouldn’t be used for parsing or any other parts in the addons.

Anyway, we will fix this in one of the next revisions and/or with the next cycle.


Hi Richard,

We at vatSys were not aware of this. We haven’t received any communication detailing this change since the initial implementation.

Is there a mailing list for tech-updates that we need to be included on so we can become aware of changes in the future?


Hi Zach,
this file is nowhere documented because it is and was only an internal file for us.

What information do you need from this file?

We can add it in the json file if you want … and when this is not possible, we can also keep the file up2date in the vatsys dataset but it would be good to know what information you extract from this file…

Thank you

PS: you have a PM with my contact details because I guess it’s easier to use a direct contact as here in the forum

Thanks Richard.

Will reach out via PM/email.


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Hi guys,
I have updated the dataset with the correct cycle-info file … Revision 2 is online.


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