In flight altitude changes

If I create a route where I need to change the altitude in flight to meet the requirements of an airway, I can enter the necessary information in the route description (i.e. G36/N0445FL180) and the information is retained and passed to the Eurocontrol validation screen, and passes Eurocontrol. BUT, when I generate the briefing that information is lost and it looks like I could fly along quite happily at my cruising altitude. When I come back and look at the suggested routes for the route I was flying, my route is shown as one of the possibilities but, again, without the necessary altitude changes. Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way the SimBrief is and the pilot or ATC is expected to catch the problem?


You had entered the altitude change as: LMG/N0445FL180 G36 ESISI, whereas it needs to be entered without the “L”: LMG/N0445F180 G36 ESISI.

For SimBrief’s purposes, you can also simply type the altitude without the speed for simplicity: LMG/F180 G36 ESISI. But I don’t think the Eurocontrol validator will recognize this, however.

SimBrief’s suggested routes remove the custom altitude entries by design, so that’s normal.

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Thanks for the quick answer. (Which I just had to go and fish out of my spam filter… sigh). The L was a typo on my part when I was writing my question. And yes, to get the plan through EC validation a speed must also be entered. Aaannnnddd, just to confirm: SimBrief, by design, does not keep track of airway required flight level changes. So guys, if you are flying without ATC, don’t just watch your briefings. Read your maps!

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