Html5 uae ofp

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I’ve noticed that (some) OFP formats - noticed in the UAE format - use none-HTML5 elements like font with a size attribute. Will this be fixed to use HTML5 tags in the future? Currently this does not allow to resize the text within those font-Tags.

This could be fixed by using a div enclosing the whole OFP with a style attribute defining the font size and then use "em"s as units to resize bigger text.

Would be very appreciated as this breaks the resizing function of the OFPs in our case for the affected formats.

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Hello there, the OFPs are in PHP format so I don’t think we are going to add HTML in the near future.
Thanks for the suggestion.


I think we are talking of two different things.
From the Simbrief API ( with params userid set to the userid and json set to 1 we get a JSON response of the latest generated Flightplan.
The OFP is transmitted in the field ‘plan_html’ within this JSON response.

This is where the issue has been recognized. The LIDO format works very well due to its structure but some other OFP formats like the mentioned UAE format uses some non HTML5 Elements in that response (the font-Tag) which doesn’t allow to resize the fontsize.

My question therefore is, will the affected formats be updated to use the same elements as the LIDO format does, to allow resizing the document?

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Hi, the font tags are used internally to format the PDF document.

They should be removed from the final HTML now. I don’t believe any other formats besides UAE had them, but let me know if you find any others.

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