How do I find VOR frequency with ingame Nav window?

When I use the desktop app and I click on a VOR, at the bottom left, I get a pane showing info about the VOR. When I do this with the in-game app, it might do the same, but a couple of times at the most and after that, I cant find a way to check for VOR frequencies.
How can I find VOR info all throughout the flight, with the in-game panel?

Hello Maarten! Thanks for reaching out.

The in-game panel uses a different map technology compared to the desktop app. In the latter, when you click on a VOR we already know that you clicked on that VOR. In the panel, however, we only know that you pressed somewhere on the map - and we need to search through our database to see if there is anything of interest near where you clicked.

Sometimes, it can be hard to be accurate with mouse clicks in the panel - especially in VR. This can lead to us getting the wrong coordinates, leading to no results, or even invalid ones! Sometimes there are also more than one thing in the same area, and then we need to open the first result we get.

In this case, it is probably better to use the geo-search function, which will visually show the search area on the map. A list of all map items that can be found within this area will then show up at the bottom left, and you should be able to find your VOR there!

You can trigger a geo-search by either right-clicking or pressing and holding on the map!

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I think I found the issue. As long as I keep the in-game window big, clicking VORs and NDBs works fine and brings up de info page for the item, I can do this time after time without exception. However, as soon as I decrease the window size, so it wont be blocking my view out the aircraft, this function stops responding. Also when I make the window bigger again, the info page is lost. Only when I close the window, open it again, load the flight plan again, then the function returns and works fine, but only until I decrease the size of the window, then the bug returns.
Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

Thank you for the additional details!

Unfortunately, I do not think that there is anything we can do. We have had similar issues that basically end up being caused by the simulator in ways that we cannot work around.

I will add it to the list of things to do when the team is back from vacation! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,