Get frequency for controlled airspace

Hi everyone,

I wanted to try to build a simple ATC simulator to work with my flight sim.

I have taken a look at the DFD format and the sample data, but have difficulties linking the controlled airspaces to its associated frequency. While it’s possible to link them via name, some are split up and have multiple frequencies. I haven’t found a way to link one frequency to one area.

Is this possible?

Some airports also have multiple tower frequencies (e.g. EDDB (Berlin North/ Berlin South)). Is there anything in the data which would indicate, which tower the user needs to be handed over to?

I’d be happy to hear your input on this.

Thanks in advance.

both questions are “no” - sorry. When multiple frequencies are offered the only indicator is (or can be) that a frequency is a primary or secondary but that depends on the airport/airspace and its not a general rule. Sorry.


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