FXMM charts severely out of date

Hello, I was flying to FXMM Maseru Moshoeshoe Int’l yesterday, and I noticed the dates on the charts are severely outdated.

For example, the chart for ILS Rwy 22 shows the date published 21 Nov 2003.

And while there are STARs and SIDs, there’s no STAR and SID charts.

Despite of these issues, I understand that the airport is not an airport that sees a lot of traffic. I only flew there because of the BA Virtual world tour. Plus, there’s even no METAR data for the airport, so I just want to check if the charts are simply unavailable or whatsoever.


Nope, you have the right chart there. It just has not had an update since 2003.

Oh that’s a bummer. I wonder where I can find the most updated one. Then again, I’m probably just using this airport for one more departure and forget about it.

Thanks for the help!

What Jason is saying is that the charts are current. Just looking at the date doesn’t tell if the chart is current or not. The chart won’t be revised by Jeppesen unless there is a change that needs to be reflected in the chart. As far as we know, there has been no change that required a chart revision since 2003. This is how we get the chart from Jeppesen and according to their database it is current.

Do you have data to support that contradicts the above, proof that the chart is incorrect in any way?


I don’t have hard proof that it is incorrect, and the Department of Civil Aviation Lesotho does not have a working website. The only thing that contradicts the charts are what it shows up on my simulator.

I am using the FBW A32NX on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

There appears to be STARs into FXMM on the ILS 22.

It shows up on the GPS as well

No STARs are available on the charts.

Note the AIRAC cycle

Nevertheless, I am really grateful to have Navigraph Charts: it makes navigation much easier and has make flight planning fun for me.

Thank you for your replies!

but you don´t use our navdata in the MSFS right? Because in our navdata we don´t have any SIDs/STARs for FXMM (only approaches) also - according the charts.

The same screenshot as you, but our AIRAC 2203 rev. 3 installed - ILS22 is available, but no STARs. The same as in the charts.

It seems you´re using the stock navdata from NavBlue which are not very accurate and incomplete outside of Europe.


Ah, I see. I will keep this in mind. Sorry for the troubles!

No problem, really … I only want to clarify that the navdata and the charts are equal (when you use both :wink:).

Have a nice day & let us know, when you have any further question

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