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Hi Richard and Team,
Having a look around, I note you are aware that with the Navigraph data it seems to add Full ATC to airports that are normally uncontrolled. I haven’t flown much outside of Australia yet, but I can advise that the generally the rule in Australia is unless it’s an airport in a major city it is uncontrolled. Reviewing previous reports, users have reported individual airports which have been added to the fix list for the next AIRAC.

May I ask the preferred method for reporting these airports with incorrect ATC services?

Edit: With the exception of military airfields, the Australian ATS provider’s website (Air Services Australia) lists all airports with a current Tower - Request Rejected

Cheers, Haydn

Hi Haydn,
thanks for your details. I can’t open your link because it will be rejected. So can ,ou five us a few samples, that we can look deeper into it?

Thank you

Hi Richard,
That’s a pain maybe if I try this way - Air Services Australia

If that doesn’t work - I’ve reproduced the list from the website:

  • Adelaide (YPAD)
  • Albury (YMAY)
  • Alice Springs (YBAS)
  • Archerfield (YBAF)
  • Avalon (YMAV)
  • Bankstown (YSBK)
  • Brisbane (YBBN)
  • Broome (YBRM)
  • Cairns (YBCS)
  • Camden (YSCN)
  • Canberra (YSCB)
  • Coffs Harbour (YCFS)
  • Essendon (YMEN)
  • Gold Coast (YBCG)
  • Hamilton Island (YBHM)
  • Hobart (YMHB)
  • Jandakot (YPJT)
  • Karratha (YPKA)
  • Launceston (YMLT)
  • Mackay (YBMK)
  • Melbourne (YMML)
  • Moorabbin (YMMB)
  • Parafield (YPPF)
  • Perth (YPPH)
  • Port Hedland (YPPD)
  • Rockhampton (YBRK)
  • Sunshine Coast (YBSU)
  • Sydney (YSSY)
  • Tamworth (YSTW)

As far as some examples go:
Orange (YORG) is showing Tower as 135.250 which is the Centre Frequency (should be CTAF 119.000)

Port Lincoln (YPLC) showing Tower as 125.900 which is the Centre Frequency (CTAF 128.000)

King Island (YKII) showing Tower as 123.900 which is the Centre Frequency (CTAF 126.850)

Esperance (YESP) showing Tower as 133.200 which is the Centre Frequency (CTAF 126.700)

Hopefully that’s what you were after?

Cheers, Haydn

Hi again Haydn,
thanks for the list - very helpful, but I guess this is more a sim issue and I will explain way:

All these frequencies are classified as MULTICOM frequencies, means for Airport- and Enroute Communication. According the MSFS SDK, the sim can handle MUL-frequencies and therefore all these frequencies are defined as MULTICOM.

ie. YESP:

It looks now, that the sim “translate” this MULTICOM frequencies into TOWER frequencies - that´s not defined in our data. I will try to find a workaround to make all MUL frequencies to CTAF frequencies (if possible) due this sim limitation.

Sorry, but when the SDK offers these MULTICOM type official, we use it - we have no incluence what ASOBO/MS does with this type.

Will let you know, when I have finished my analyze if this is possible or not … :wink:
Thank you for your patience and your understanding …

Thanks Richard, I sincerely appreciate your assistance and feedback. I know you haven’t taken it as such, but I wish to make it clear, I am definitely not complaining! I also understand your statement regarding it being a sim related issue. On that basis, I will also submit a report to Asobo. Interestingly, without Navigraph for MSFS installed those airports noted are correctly reported as CTAF’s have no Tower present. So clearly the internal data makes that differentiation but that ability is not extended to the SDK.

I may have misunderstood, but per the legislation in Australia you cannot use a CTAF frequency for en-route communication. Enroute communication must occur on the Area Frequency (being the Centre Frequency). This would include separation outside of the CTAF boundaries. I understand that in the case of Esperance, this is the multi-use frequency for all airports that don’t have a discrete frequency. This is not the case for Orange, Port Lincoln or King Island (and many others).

Cheers, Haydn

Sorry Haydn - my fault, it´s not a MULTICOM frequency - please forget my previous posting. I don´t want delete it due your following posting, but please forget it - MULTICOM frequencies are support by the sim, so all is good.

But I have found the issue in my code. I will do some tests in other areas too and than I will release a new revision :wink: Excuse me for the wrong information and the possible confusion …


All good Richard - absolutely no need to apologise. In my 15+ years of flying I’ve always been staggered by just how far different countries rules vary from ICAO (despite being signatories!!).

I had wondered whether perhaps Australia was unique in that aspect and the way they apply their discrete frequency usage - which was entirely possible!

Thank you again for taking the time to look into it, and I’d also express my thanks for the data you and Navigraph provide for the sim. I’ll hold off my report to Asobo.

Cheers, Haydn

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Hi again Haydn,
ok, I have found a way to code this correctly - we are still on testing but as soon we have the feeling that this solution works as expected we will release the second revision:

Here a few screenshots from the upcoming revision 2:

Should be correct now :wink:

Hi again Haydn,
revision 2 is out - please update your AIRAC cycle via our Navigraph Navdata Center

Any feedback welcome :slight_smile:


Hi Richard,
That seems perfect - I’ve tested several airports around Australia and the CTAF/ATC seems to being appropriately applied.

Many thanks for your assistance and speedy fix!!

Cheers, Haydn


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